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Welcome! This is about my illustrations, photos and apps, and what I could offer you.


I draw cartoonish illustrations. They can be used for printing on a t-shirt, being part of a logotype, being a goal-image for something you want to achieve, being a profile picture on FB or printed on paper and set up as a painting on the wall. The pictures are delivered in digital form.


"Me and my dog"/"Me and my horse"/"Me and my hobby"... EUR 50
"Me and my dogs"/or a more complex drawing on the same theme EUR 65
+ added for a drawing if you want it in two versions, BOTH of light and dark backgrounds EUR 10
+ added for text EUR 10
For other drawing/illustration projects, please contact me and I can usually give a fixed price. Contact

Both illustrations: A light-hearted portrait in cartoonish style. The price includes the drawing in digital formats .png and .tiff. If you want a vector file, please contact me for additional price. The files are sent via email. The image is either drawn with black lines on light background or white lines on dark background. The choice may depend on what you like or what you want to use the image for, for example, printing on a black vest / t-shirt.

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“Me and my . . .”-drawing

A light-hearted and cartoonish drawing of you and your dog, horse, fishing hobby, tractor or husband. Just to come up with some ideas of what it can be used for: t-shirt, painting on the wall, screen background in the phone or computer, profile picture on fb, goal image for something you strive for, just something to be happy about, give as a gift ...

Email some different photos (5-10) and preferably one or a few short videos of you and your dog, for example. Then I will draw something that we agree upon. You need to answer some questions about what you would like, such as if you want a black drawing against white background or white drawing against dark background. I only draw one idea, and only minor changes are made based on it. The digital files you get is in .png and .tiff format and the size that can be printed is about A4 size. It is not a vector file.

If for some reason you do not want the picture, you get the money back and the drawing stays with me.


For many years I have photographed equestrian elite and amateur riders at training and competition. Life around and with horses is like a big buffet to document and make beautiful pictures of. I have photographed for equestrian magazines, websites and private albums. Since I have now become a dog sport enthusiast, photographing dogs and dog performances is a great interest. Portraits of pets and their people is close to my heart, but what I enjoy most is documenting when things happen by themselves.

I charge about 400 SEK/hour, for both photography and image editing. I have done several photo shoots in my studio and/or outdoors in 3-5 hours including image editing. I can of course come to you, and in that case you´d pay my trip! Email me and describe your project and I can usually give a set price.Contact


I have made three apps, each of which is a tool for dog sports training - obedience and rally obedience.


- kommendering fritt följ

This app is in Swedish makes the phone into a steward that directs you in heelwork in competition obedience. The app makes programs based on the Swedish heelwork rules. The app is available for purchase on the App Store and Google Play.


Voice commanding of a visual sport such as rally obedience makes it possible to practice rally obedience wherever you are without heavy equipment. More training makes you better, but that does not of course replace the training with ”signs”. This app is in Swedish and it makes its own programs based on the rules for the different rally-o classes, but you can also create your own programs. The app is available for purchase on the App Store and Google Play.


This app makes your phone into a steward that directs you in heelwork based on the international obedience rules (FCI). The steward´s commands are in English, German, Swedish, Norwegian and Danish. The app makes its own programs based on international rules. You can also put together your own programs and be directed by your phone. The app is for iPhone and can be purchased on the App Store.

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About me

I am positioned in the south of Sweden, outside the city of Kristianstad.